10BASE-2 Networks are cheaper and more easily disrupted (one out – all out). Generally COAXIAL.

10BASE-T Networks are more robust and provide higher data speeds with correct installation and hardware. Generally CAT5 OR UTP (unshielded twisted pair).

10BASE-FL Networks are robust and electrically de-coupled, thus providing higher data speeds and better security. Generally Fibre Optics based.

P.A.B.X. are Private Automatic Branch Exchanges. Large Customer Switching systems, Customer Owned, connected to Telstra Lines.

Telephone Systems, Keystations, or Commander Systems are Customer Owned and connected to Telstra Lines.

LAN’S are Local Area Networks, generally the same building, single location Networks.

WAN’S are a Wide Area Network, generally the same Network Owner, but may be physically separated, Internet/World Wide Web,
this is a large interconnection of many smaller networks, world wide, encompassing many differing operating systems, and hardware vendors, but able to interact.